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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Jax fetch's the cans


Jax loves caring can if he sees one in the street he like to pick it up if we can get him to bring the pop etc it would be a good thing.


Take him out and there is a muddy puddle he will find it no matter how far away it is and he is in it he doesnt mind going out in the rain he will fall asleep outside in the rain if he can. He had a massive doggy chew for xmas and he is the first dog that has every bitten one in half we have had lots of dogs that chew then get fed up. By the end of the day it was in two halves and it was over a foot long and really thick

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Jax battles Big Bear


Jax has a new enemy  the big bear he loves playing/killing is toys so we found this big bear as big as him. He has had great fun playing with it and bouncing all over it this week.

We now have lots of pictures of Jax from puppy till now on Skydrive take a look


Mals are not supposed to be good with other little animals  but here Jax visits the Queens Park everyday and watch's the ducks who couldn't care less about the big dog watching them but he does try and steal their bread give half a chance

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Arnt I a Big Boy Now?


Jax has now got the habit of jumping up and standing at the slightest excuse here he is at the Queens Park looking over the bridge to look at the ducks in case they get some of his bread.  People feeding the ducks now have to feed the dog as well bread and pizza are his favourite foods. People say he is getting bigger all the time but we dodnt see it being with him all the time. He is loving the cold weather and we are waiting for the first snow to see what he makes of that.


Here he is with his teddy he loves to fight with and cuddle up to.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

You aint coming in My Yard


Malamutes are not supposed to make good guard dogs  but Jax doesnt seem to have read the book he barks at anyone in the area of the back yard and if you come in next door you will find him on the wall barking at you. What makes it more frightening is next doors path is a few feet lower than ours so he appears as a very big dog enough to frighten any one away.


He still  has a liking for park bench's as soon as he sees one he claims it as his own and if anyone is sitting there he insists in washing their ears for them its his latest trick. His howling is getting loader and he is doing it a lot more any sign of a siren and he goes into full flow.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

I love my Teddy


Jax has a teddy and a penguin and here he is asleep on his toy as a pillow so no one pinch's it.  He's has been active this week as the temperature drops below freezing it seems to make him so much more active and he is ready for long walks all the time. He still likes to sleep outside when its freezing though we bring him in last thing at night. He even likes going out to sleep in the rain but we have to stop him all the time.

We are still trying to work out how big and heavy he will grow I have seen quotes they can reach up to 125lbs
Some even make 180lbs
They are handy if your car breaks down and you need a tow DSCF5926

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Watching the World Go Bye


Jax had a trip to the vets this week to get weighed he pulled me there once he saw we were close he was off straight in and onto the scales. He is now 35KG which is 5.5 stone in old money. He likes now he is bigger sitting by the front  window and seeing whats going on as people pass by. He can recognize our car if he is in the room and it come back he can pick it out from other cars and jumps up to see you.


Here he is with his paw stuck under the cupboard he has a trick of pushing his balls and other things under then  trying to get it out and making a noise so you will do it for him and then like a baby he pushes it back under he thinks its great fun.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Jax New boots


Jax new boots well no not actually new boots but if you look at the pictures it looks like he is wearing boots. In fact he managed to find the muddiest spot on the golf coarse the other day and jump in it. Any sign of water or mud and he is there.


We thought he had got all his new teeth they are not full size yet but this week some more started coming out next to his fangs so he is still teething. He is now 26 inch high but we still see him as a little puppy. He loves jumping up on rocks or seats to get a good look and be king of the castle. He has decided everyone now has dirty ears and its his job to clean them for you. It surprising how little he actual eats a lot less than our old GSD used to eat but he has food down all the time.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Give me Peanut butter


We managed to get over bonfire night . He didnt bother with load bangs some were like bombs going off and he didnt blink but he did have a few turns at ones in the sky with the whistling noise  maybe it hurt his ears. More went off this weekend but this time he didnt care as they were few and far between. Some of his favourite foods are bread,pizza and peanut butter. As you can see give him  a jar to lick out and it keeps him happy for ages, As he like bread so much he now barks at people in the park feeding the ducks for bread off them. 


He still picks up any rubbish he can find here he has found a shoe and he will carry it for ages often killing it in the process.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Jax 6 Months old


Jax is now 6 months old and is over 5st and still a bouncy pup. This week we have fireworks to contended with it a hard one. He hasnt bother up to now but with a lot going off he doesnt like ones in the sky big bangs he doesnt even look up but light in the sky he doesnt like. Its hard to deal with by rights if the alpha male goes forward so should the pack so its a matter of ignoring any sign of fright and carry on towards the firework as if nothing has happened. It fatal to turn back or stroke the dog as this tell him something is wrong. He must think its normal and nothing to fear so you must remain calm and assertive. Ant sign of excitement will make things worse. In practice its not that simple and sounds cruel but if you turn away then it is something to fear. In the house he isnt to bad our old dog would try and hide but he doesnt we give him a bone so he associates the bangs with something good ie food.  


In the park he loves to sit on the bench and watch the world go by and like seeing the ducks who come very close to him as they are used to dogs

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Last baby tooth gone hurray


This week Jax lost his last baby tooth so no more cuts to the hand. His new teeth are not full through yet and he is still a bit moody at time and chewing but touch wood we have not had any damage to furniture or anything this is down to lots of bones and toys to chew.


We had trouble with him were on walks he would lie down and not get up but he seems to have got over that if he does stop and lie down he get up straight away. He still lies down when he sees another dog but its not a bad way to great them as it shows he is submissive and friendly. The weather has been getting colder down to freezing and he loves it he is a lot more active but still loves to go and sleep outside at night but thank god he now comes in for a biscuit so I don't have to carry him in as I did before he is to heavy for that now. The next big test is Fireworks at the moment if he hears them he doesn't give a toss so lets hope it stays that way 


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Jax 5 months old


We have been out in the sunshine this week playing ball he is now 5 months old but it seems a long time since we got him at 9 weeks old. To us he is a little puppy but others see him as a donkey as they all say he is big. He is bigger than most Labradors we meet and a lot heavier.


He is still hanging onto that one baby fang its the only one left now and we will be glad when its gone. He has been off his food a bit again probably due to teeth coming through and some days he is lazy while the next day he runs around like an idiot. We have left training a bit while he is getting his teeth as he gets a bit grumpy. But he has now learnt to bark on command. He makes a good draft excluder as he get behind the front door were its cold but if you want to get in our our you have to push him along the floor all  the time. At night he goes out side to sleep for several hours and we bring him in at bed time. He barks to go out on his own and is happy sleeping outside.


Sunday, 14 October 2012

More teething


We are hopefully near the end of teething as there is only one more fang to come out.Its a bad time as he has had days off his food days when he is sleepy a lot and doing a lot of mouthing. It will still take some time for the big teeth to come through all the way so we assume his head will grow in this period. We are still giving plenty of bones and still no damage to the house.


He came up with a new one this week we were pumping up a bike tyre foot pump that made a noise he must have thought we were in danger as he grabs your hand and drags you away from it to safety. He is having longer walks now as the weather gets colder  and he sleeps outside a lot as he likes the cold he barks to go out and barks to come back in.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

More Teeth gone


I caught Jax this week with his invisible snow he get his old chews and then trys to bury  them in this case on the sofa and covers them with invisible snow he has them  all around the house what he thinks he is covering them with we dont know.


It been a bad tooth week with him loosing 2 in one hour all that is to come out now is his two top  fangs you can just see them in the photo. He has been good not doing any damage but its down to lots of bones and his new teddy below. He seems to like soft toys to chew on at times and its better than my hand. He has changed a lot in a week he has found out he can jump up and has started doing that a lot when excited and even jumping over small walls. He has over the last week started cocking his leg a little at first but its getting higher all the time. I was surprised as GSD dont do it until they are about 11 months


Sunday, 30 September 2012

Jax Goes to the Queens Park


The main thing this week has been those teeth Jax is loosing teeth like mad and the od bit of blood on his toys as they come out. He likes Raster man above and he likes chewing him as he is firm but not to hard. He has been a bit mouthy as his teeth hurt so we have kept a good supply of Bones to help him. He has lost the bottom two fangs but still has the top two and they are the ones that cut you. Touch wood he hasnt chewed anything he shouldnt.


One of his teeth its not often you find them and its surprising they have no root unlike normal teeth.


He was 5 months old this week and he went to the Queens Park for the first time this is a large park about a mile from our house with ducks, geese, swans and other wildlife and a large lake. It a good place to take dogs as its a stopping point as there is other country walks a few feet away that go for miles. So if the dog is tired you can stop in the park and rest or if he is ready to go carry on further. Its a good place to introduce them to wildlife as lots say they are bad with ducks as they see them as dinner. Jaz was very good and sat by by the ducks etc and didnt chase them or anything. He plonked him self on a seat for a better view. A short trip to the football field and he ran round the circle like an idiot time and time again. He now has about a hours walk in the morning up to two hours at 12 oclock then a hour at 6pm and hour at 10pm. It seems about right as he sleeps after half an hour of getting home and then sleeps from 11pm to 8 am.


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Jax Battles the Hoover Monster


One of Jax’s fun games is to battle the Hoover monster he chases it around howling barking and attacking it. It take twice as long to do the hoovering when he is around.


He is still teething and off his food a bit but still we weighed him this week and he is 30 kg  66lbs. We are giving him los of large bones to help with his teeth and touch wood he hasnt chewed anything he shouldn't.


As winter is coming Jax had a new collar this week which shines in the dark as he is getting darker it will help at night.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Jax Has a Mobile Phone


Jax has his teeth coming through now thick and fast with some bleeding from his gums. We are giving him lots of Bones, chews and toy to chew on and so far he hasnt chewed any furniture. One of his toys if a  baby mobile phone that plays different tunes when you press a speed dial. He has Mr giraffe, Mr crocodile and others on speed dial and all we hear is these tunes all the time.  


He has now found a new place to lie by the front door were its colder with a stone floor if you want to get out you have to sweep him along the floor.  He is now 20 weeks old

Jax is following the Alaskan Malamute code which is

If I like its mine
If I saw it first its mine
If its in my mouth its mine
If I can take it from you its mine
If it looks like mine its mine
If I had it a while ago its mine
If you have something and put it down its mine
If I chew something up  the bits are mine
If it used to be yours get over it
If its broken its yours
If you get in my yard you aint getting out
My house my yard your ass another perfect day
Burglars please remove jewellery before entering as the dog cant digest them when he eats you

I dont chew old slippers only new ones

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Jax gets his chip


This week we went to the vets for Jax to get chipped. The vet weighed him at 21.1KG so he is still putting on 1kg or more a day and doubling his weight every 3 weeks or so. He is now 22inch in height at 19 weeks. His colour is still changing as you can see below it looks like he is going to be mostly black & white as he get his new coat. He has now got new teeth coming through so he has started chewing more but up to now nothing in the house as we keep him well supplied with toys chews and bones. I will be glad when those puppy teeth go as they are like needles.


He loves chasing flys and moths and searching for grubs and things. Its worrying but in there home land they often live by digging for bugs and things so its natural for them to do it. As they survive in the most hostile place on earth he should be ok. Apparently one Malamute is equivalent to 3 huskes in terms of pulling a sledge.

He is getting a bit more lively and we are getting ready to increase his walks but it has been to hot in the day to take him out at the moment at mid day. Once the weather cools he will be able to go to the park for 2 hours like Max used to do. He is a pain at night as he goes to sleep outside and come bed time I have to carry him in still asleep and at 46 lbs its no simple job. I wonder what he think when he goes to sleep in the garden and wakes in the kitchen?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Unzip Me


Jax still enjoys his time in a paddling pool killing bits of paper as its still a bit hot for him and he thinks he is a Newfoundland.


His colour keep changing this week as he get a new coat on his stomach he has a black line as if its a zip to undo him. He is going a lot blacker and it changes very fast. This week we had our first howl off him its well know they howl and ambulances set them off but this is the first time he has done it. As we are on the main route for ambulances we expect a lot more to  come. He has now learnt to bark at the back door if he wants to go out which is a good thing in most cases.


To keep him amused we tied rope ball and hung it from the stairs and this keeps him buzy chasing and pulling at it

Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Settee


Well there isnt much  room on the  settee now if Jax gets on it. We have had a change of tactic as we were dragging him off when he got on but  started seeing it as a game to get attention. So now we ignore him and he get off on his own when he doesnt have a game to play he wont sleep on there.


We weighed him this week not accurate  as we used the kitchen scales but again he has doubled his weight in three weeks and now is 20 KG. He is now much less trouble as he can now go out for walks and generally he is well behaved.   He goes out a 7 am for 1 hour. 3pm 1 hour then 6pm and finally 10pm. He doesnt walk to far as being a pup his bones need to grow. He may be out a hour but a lot of that time he is just exploring the area or getting stroked from people going past. Its more a socialisation exercise than a walk. He walk better at night as its colder then the weather is still a bit hot for him.


He randomly has running round fits when he just runs around like a idiot and he loves chasing moths trying to catch them. We need to get him chipped soon and wormed so its off to the vets for him soon

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Jax washes his feet


Jax has the habit now of coming back off his walks straight to his water bowl and in goes his feet and he gives them a good wash and his back legs as well as he splashes the water all over himself. It is actual useful at times if he get muddy he does end up clean after. A few things seemed to click with him this week he now knows sit,down,paw rollover for belly stroke,dirty wait and sit at the road side & he is getting off when he jumps on the settee be it reluctantly. All this isnt bad for a 16 week old puppy. It still been to hot for him this week so he has been a bit dopey.  


The town had a visit from the Alaskan Malamute Rescue and they brought 4 dogs to help promote the breed offer advice and collect for the rescue dogs so if you want a rescue dog go to the website and see what they have to offer

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Jax Chilling out


Its been a hot week this week and a bit to hot for Jax so he has been chilling out a lot this week. As you can see he chills good style and gets into the funniest positions doing it. He has been out and about a lot meeting other dogs and kids you cant keep him away from kids as he was brought up  with children and he loves them.


A couple of good head shots in the yard this week he is still gaining weight about 1.5 kg a day and he is always there if he hears food. We are waiting for him to get rid of those puppy teeth as they are like pins and my hand is a pin cushion.