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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jax’s First Snow


We had the first snow this week and of coarse jax loved it he was jumping trying to catch the flakes rolling in it, eating it, digging in it. He had been off his food for a few days and even refused bread. But he is back eating and making up for the lost meals. We weighed him at the vets and he hasnt put much on he is now 36 kg or 80lbs in old money. Not eating he may have lost a little bit. He was bouncy enough but just didnt want to eat he may have had a tummy bug.


Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Bed



We got a new mattress this week for the bed and put the old one in the yard ready to go to the tip but Jax has decided its made for him and loves it as he can bounce on it as well as sleep.


He still loves jumping up on the bridge watching the ducks trying to get their bread. We have tried to cut down his bread as he was getting to much. He is being silly eating put food in his bowl and he wont touch it but hide it around the house or throw it to him he eats it

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Jax Mucky Pup


One thing about Jax who is now 8 months old is if he sees muck, dirt or water he will go in it given half a chance. After having a bath to get rid of the mud on him I took him out and suddenly he saw mud that was it off like a lunatic straight into the mud a quick run in the mud then lets lay down in the mud just for fun.


He still appears to be getting more teeth as there are some very small ones coming through. He has been off his food a bit lately but its hard to tell. Most people would think they eat a lot but they eat very little for the size of the dog and everything they do eat is used up so very small pooh. At –40 were they live their bodies have to make every once of food count