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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Jax eats a lot


Jax has had a mad half hour eating this week some weeks he may not eat very much then another he doesnt want to stop. The weather ha been a bit cooler this week which will account for it when its hot he doesnt want to eat. He is fattening out slowly no  he is 16 months and they do tend to change about now and then again at 2 years. He is generally a lot more laid back  now than he was he still howls when the Police or Ambulance goes past with the siren on

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Jax lays on the grass


When he is out Jax loves laying on grass so we made a little lawn for him at home that was a few weeks ago and he has not been near it. Today he decided he likes it and lay on it for the first time. He is now 16 months old and has changed over the last few weeks getting much calmer he can still be an idiot puppy at times but generally he is much more chilled out. He walk well and doesnt pull on the lead as a rule and walks with a  loose lead even if he walks in front. He does if he get in front turn his ears back to listen to you. We are trying to get him out of the habit of lying down when he meets another dog as a pup it was ok as its shows submissive posterior but a few Staffies think it great to then attack him and it also frightens some dogs as he often jumps up very quick. So we are trying to make him sit quietly.