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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Stupid Dog


Jax has a new habit when its time for a walk he dives on the settee and trys to stand on his head with his tail in  the air very often he then falls off. He is now nearly a year old time seems to have flown by since we got him as a little puppy. He is still a handful at times its like having a baby thats as big as a 15 year old. Things seem to suddenly click with him one day he wont do something then it suddenly kick in he still  lies down when he sees another dog which can be a pain sometimes but good other times.


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Jax helps with carrying


Jax above caring a pipe to help or play catch me if you can. Its good for him he normally get hold of stick and things at the end instead of the middle then shakes them and hits himself


He loves being nosy standing on the wall to see whats going on and watching the cats sit in the sun. He doesnt chase cats just watches them but he was brought up with cats as a puppy

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jax 10 Months old


Jax is now 10 months old and about 90lbs. He has now taken to eating cooked liver and biscuits for dinner he seems to like that better than anything and he loves bones as well. When he comes in after his last walk at night he sits there barking for some complete dog food you have to throw for him. He was mad on bread but seems to have gone off that a bit now.He still has a hour walk  in the morning 2 hours at dinner time an our at 6 pm and last walk at 10 pm so he is all muscle with no fat on him.