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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Jax has and itch

Jax rubs against bridge

Jax now 2 years old and has just had his booster injections. This time they have to have 2 injections as new strains of infection from rats have been found and the old injection only covered 2 strains but now there are 5 types. He was weighed while at the vets and now 40kg so he is putting on weight slowly. He still has 5 hours exercise a day but as the weather has been really hot we have knocked the main walk out as its to hot for him. After he snapped his lead the makers have promised us a new one when they bring out a new version in September. This hot weather we have been freezing hot dogs and food in ice and he loves that in in Alaska at –60 everything would be frozen anyway

Friday, 25 April 2014

Happy Birthday Jax 2 years old Today


Photos of Jax from 9 weeks old up to today above about 10 weeks old


12 weeks old


Just found the comfy stool


Now thinks he is big as a tree


about 4 month sold


In Queens Park Crewe with the wack wacks he is very good with them


His ball your not having it

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Jax Gets Dirty


Jax is now 22 months old and still loves to get dirty given half a chance. Let him go in a field with one muddy patch and he will find it then dig it or lie in it. He is still like a puppy and get very excited at times he now has 3 walks a day so about 4 hours a day walking which seems to suit in the current weather. The problem being the colder or wetter the weather the more he want to walk.

He is still a fussy eater and has gone off tinned dog meat in favour of steak pies which he has with complete dog food, he still loves his pizza


Jax and his toy pig

Sunday, 12 January 2014

I am as big as a Tree


Jax has started putting on weight at long last any time now he should start to fill out. He is now 86lbs so he has put on a couple of kg in the last few months xmas  food.

Jax learns to speak for food its how you shut him up now

With winter he is getting more active and at night he likes to start towing me for walks if I am not careful. We have had troubles with fireworks big bangs he doesnt bother to much but ones going up in the sky he doesnt like and all over xmas some one has let them off.  He remembers were he heard them and is reluctant to go that way for a long time after.