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Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Settee


Well there isnt much  room on the  settee now if Jax gets on it. We have had a change of tactic as we were dragging him off when he got on but  started seeing it as a game to get attention. So now we ignore him and he get off on his own when he doesnt have a game to play he wont sleep on there.


We weighed him this week not accurate  as we used the kitchen scales but again he has doubled his weight in three weeks and now is 20 KG. He is now much less trouble as he can now go out for walks and generally he is well behaved.   He goes out a 7 am for 1 hour. 3pm 1 hour then 6pm and finally 10pm. He doesnt walk to far as being a pup his bones need to grow. He may be out a hour but a lot of that time he is just exploring the area or getting stroked from people going past. Its more a socialisation exercise than a walk. He walk better at night as its colder then the weather is still a bit hot for him.


He randomly has running round fits when he just runs around like a idiot and he loves chasing moths trying to catch them. We need to get him chipped soon and wormed so its off to the vets for him soon

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Jax washes his feet


Jax has the habit now of coming back off his walks straight to his water bowl and in goes his feet and he gives them a good wash and his back legs as well as he splashes the water all over himself. It is actual useful at times if he get muddy he does end up clean after. A few things seemed to click with him this week he now knows sit,down,paw rollover for belly stroke,dirty wait and sit at the road side & he is getting off when he jumps on the settee be it reluctantly. All this isnt bad for a 16 week old puppy. It still been to hot for him this week so he has been a bit dopey.  


The town had a visit from the Alaskan Malamute Rescue and they brought 4 dogs to help promote the breed offer advice and collect for the rescue dogs so if you want a rescue dog go to the website and see what they have to offer

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Jax Chilling out


Its been a hot week this week and a bit to hot for Jax so he has been chilling out a lot this week. As you can see he chills good style and gets into the funniest positions doing it. He has been out and about a lot meeting other dogs and kids you cant keep him away from kids as he was brought up  with children and he loves them.


A couple of good head shots in the yard this week he is still gaining weight about 1.5 kg a day and he is always there if he hears food. We are waiting for him to get rid of those puppy teeth as they are like pins and my hand is a pin cushion.


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Let me out of Prison


At last after driving us mad for 3 weeks Jax can now go out. He has been hyper stuck in the house. So Tuesday he could go out and hit the shops. My son took him into work were he wrecked the place as they have a paddling pool to test speed boats and Jax thought this was great fun running in and out then into the shop soaking the floor. Next we took him to the local super market so he could get used to people. We stood outside the store offering a new service to customers so they could have their bags checked for food that dogs could eat. He loved checking everyones bag to see if they had meat in it. We have tried to take him in to new situations so he get used to everything. Above we have had him out at night as he try to get through the bars at the edge of the pavement. He is getting a blob and has put on more weight now at 11.5 kg about 25.5 lbs so he is putting on 1.5 kg per week. He has a girl friend Echo a GS pup from across the road which he plays with.


He is not fazed by anything and takes it all in his stride even taking him out he is still a little sod and keeps jumping on the settee but he looks so cute. He has half learned that he doesnt go on the road to wait when told and for a new puppy walks well on the lead. He has started a new trick without warning he suddenly does a barrel role when walking. He just loves people and wags his tail off if he sees anyone