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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Last baby tooth gone hurray


This week Jax lost his last baby tooth so no more cuts to the hand. His new teeth are not full through yet and he is still a bit moody at time and chewing but touch wood we have not had any damage to furniture or anything this is down to lots of bones and toys to chew.


We had trouble with him were on walks he would lie down and not get up but he seems to have got over that if he does stop and lie down he get up straight away. He still lies down when he sees another dog but its not a bad way to great them as it shows he is submissive and friendly. The weather has been getting colder down to freezing and he loves it he is a lot more active but still loves to go and sleep outside at night but thank god he now comes in for a biscuit so I don't have to carry him in as I did before he is to heavy for that now. The next big test is Fireworks at the moment if he hears them he doesn't give a toss so lets hope it stays that way 


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Jax 5 months old


We have been out in the sunshine this week playing ball he is now 5 months old but it seems a long time since we got him at 9 weeks old. To us he is a little puppy but others see him as a donkey as they all say he is big. He is bigger than most Labradors we meet and a lot heavier.


He is still hanging onto that one baby fang its the only one left now and we will be glad when its gone. He has been off his food a bit again probably due to teeth coming through and some days he is lazy while the next day he runs around like an idiot. We have left training a bit while he is getting his teeth as he gets a bit grumpy. But he has now learnt to bark on command. He makes a good draft excluder as he get behind the front door were its cold but if you want to get in our our you have to push him along the floor all  the time. At night he goes out side to sleep for several hours and we bring him in at bed time. He barks to go out on his own and is happy sleeping outside.


Sunday, 14 October 2012

More teething


We are hopefully near the end of teething as there is only one more fang to come out.Its a bad time as he has had days off his food days when he is sleepy a lot and doing a lot of mouthing. It will still take some time for the big teeth to come through all the way so we assume his head will grow in this period. We are still giving plenty of bones and still no damage to the house.


He came up with a new one this week we were pumping up a bike tyre foot pump that made a noise he must have thought we were in danger as he grabs your hand and drags you away from it to safety. He is having longer walks now as the weather gets colder  and he sleeps outside a lot as he likes the cold he barks to go out and barks to come back in.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

More Teeth gone


I caught Jax this week with his invisible snow he get his old chews and then trys to bury  them in this case on the sofa and covers them with invisible snow he has them  all around the house what he thinks he is covering them with we dont know.


It been a bad tooth week with him loosing 2 in one hour all that is to come out now is his two top  fangs you can just see them in the photo. He has been good not doing any damage but its down to lots of bones and his new teddy below. He seems to like soft toys to chew on at times and its better than my hand. He has changed a lot in a week he has found out he can jump up and has started doing that a lot when excited and even jumping over small walls. He has over the last week started cocking his leg a little at first but its getting higher all the time. I was surprised as GSD dont do it until they are about 11 months