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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Alaskan Malamute in a Bucket


So Jax the daft sod has a new game he has been putting both feet in his drinking bowl when he drinks and making a mess. This week he has gone one better we have a large bucket in  the yard full of water as our old dog liked it cold so Jax has decided it good to get inside the bucket full of water as the weather has been hot this week.


We solved the heat problem by giving him a make shift paddling pool which as can see he lies down in and drops his toys in it. He has worked out if he gets his chews and droops them in and leaves them they go software so he can eat them quicker.


The old dog used to love a balloon and carried it about like a baby  Jax is now doing  the same but it doesnt last long with his baby teeth. He is getting a real hand full as he hasnt been able to go out because of his injections. This week he had his second one so he can go out next week and we can wear him out. In the 3 weeks we have had him he has grown 2.5 inchs and has doubled his body weight from 5.3 kg to 9.6 kg ish thats as close as we got while he was on the scale.

He is now getting to sit , give a paw, down well and does it most of the time. He has just learnt he can jump and stand on his back legs to look out of the window. The jumping now means he can get on the settee but he hasnt learnt get off very well yet. We took him in the pet shop on the way home from the vets and it took me half an hour to get out with lots of women coming over saying he gorgeous, he's lovely, he’ cuddle can I stroke him I thought they meant me but I guess they meant the dog

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Jax Reads the News


Jax is now coming on in leaps and bounds he has grow 1.5 inch in a week or so and never stops eating. He is learning slowly and now knows sit, fetch, paw and off when he decided he wants to. He will bring the paper from the front door to you if your lucky. Sometimes he like to read it first as the above picture.


We gave him his first bone this week to help his teething he didnt know what to do with it he just liked but soon got the hang of it. His new game is to bury his chews when he has got fed up with them this involves jumping on the settee pushing you out of the way sticking the chew in the corner and trying to bury it.  


His favourite drink is milk and he will brink the milk in given half a chance. Another trick he has learnt is to put his paws in his drinking bowl when heaving a drink then accidently knocking it over. Then we have to mop up and he likes that game attacking the mop.


The innocent face above seems to say I dont know how I ended up on here honest


He has about 3 mad hours a day when he is turbo charged and runs round play like a maniac. The problem is he cant go out until he has had another injection he will have this on Tuesday next week then we will soon be able to get him out and tire him out. He is very good on the lead as we take him in the private fenced bit on the lead and he walks very well not the normal sit down and stop like most pups. I have never seen a a dog with such a waggy tail he goes mad when you come in and wags it off nearley

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Jax helps in the garden

Its over a week now since Jax left his parents above. The first few nights we had to sleep downstairs with him to stop him crying but now he is sleeping ok. He followed you around from room to room the first week and still does but he doesnt bother as much now. Its strange for an Alaskan Malumute but he barks a lot when the post man comes and he had a right go at next door when they looked over the wall at him. He is starting to learn NO when we tell him not to chew. He seems to be teething and we have plenty of toys etc for him to chew on.
Above he likes his toys and collects them and puts them in his bed.
This week he has been a big help in the garden he has dug up the flowers to make a bed for him self and even helped to prune the tree in the garden.
When the washing finishes he helps by dragging the washing out of the machine and takes them to his bed. He never stops eating we leave a bowl of food down for him and he plays has food sleeps has food. He has had a few mad half hours running around the house like a whippet and killing his toys. Lucky we have to big sons to tire him out  playing with him. He has been mostly clean in the house and goes out side most of the time.
There is one pup left anyone wanting him

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Jax at 9 weeks

We lost are old dog Max a 101/2 year old GSD as it was time to say goodbye. He was blind and had lived a happy life but he was in pain from his neck not happy and suffering. We have had GSD for many years and had lots of rescue dogs along with pyrenean mountain dogs, Doberman s etc. We thought it was time for a new bread and settled on the Alaskan Malamute as we wanted a dog that could take long walks.
Jax arrived on Wednesday this week at 9 weeks old. He settled in well and even had a new collar with no problems. First job was a visit to the vets for his jabs and a check after that he was a bit dopey but that didnt last long.

First few nights we had to sleep with him down stairs to stop him crying. He was for most parts house trained so that was a good thing but there were the odd accidents. He settles well very happy dog but never stops eating and likes to chew.We are a bit worried about chewing as are old dog you could leave chocolate on the table and he wouldnt touch it. He went through a set of head phones a phone charger cable in seconds so may be he is teething.

He cant go out for 4 weeks so we have to try and amuse him in the mean time so we willsee how he goes