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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Watching the World Go Bye


Jax had a trip to the vets this week to get weighed he pulled me there once he saw we were close he was off straight in and onto the scales. He is now 35KG which is 5.5 stone in old money. He likes now he is bigger sitting by the front  window and seeing whats going on as people pass by. He can recognize our car if he is in the room and it come back he can pick it out from other cars and jumps up to see you.


Here he is with his paw stuck under the cupboard he has a trick of pushing his balls and other things under then  trying to get it out and making a noise so you will do it for him and then like a baby he pushes it back under he thinks its great fun.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Jax New boots


Jax new boots well no not actually new boots but if you look at the pictures it looks like he is wearing boots. In fact he managed to find the muddiest spot on the golf coarse the other day and jump in it. Any sign of water or mud and he is there.


We thought he had got all his new teeth they are not full size yet but this week some more started coming out next to his fangs so he is still teething. He is now 26 inch high but we still see him as a little puppy. He loves jumping up on rocks or seats to get a good look and be king of the castle. He has decided everyone now has dirty ears and its his job to clean them for you. It surprising how little he actual eats a lot less than our old GSD used to eat but he has food down all the time.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Give me Peanut butter


We managed to get over bonfire night . He didnt bother with load bangs some were like bombs going off and he didnt blink but he did have a few turns at ones in the sky with the whistling noise  maybe it hurt his ears. More went off this weekend but this time he didnt care as they were few and far between. Some of his favourite foods are bread,pizza and peanut butter. As you can see give him  a jar to lick out and it keeps him happy for ages, As he like bread so much he now barks at people in the park feeding the ducks for bread off them. 


He still picks up any rubbish he can find here he has found a shoe and he will carry it for ages often killing it in the process.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Jax 6 Months old


Jax is now 6 months old and is over 5st and still a bouncy pup. This week we have fireworks to contended with it a hard one. He hasnt bother up to now but with a lot going off he doesnt like ones in the sky big bangs he doesnt even look up but light in the sky he doesnt like. Its hard to deal with by rights if the alpha male goes forward so should the pack so its a matter of ignoring any sign of fright and carry on towards the firework as if nothing has happened. It fatal to turn back or stroke the dog as this tell him something is wrong. He must think its normal and nothing to fear so you must remain calm and assertive. Ant sign of excitement will make things worse. In practice its not that simple and sounds cruel but if you turn away then it is something to fear. In the house he isnt to bad our old dog would try and hide but he doesnt we give him a bone so he associates the bangs with something good ie food.  


In the park he loves to sit on the bench and watch the world go by and like seeing the ducks who come very close to him as they are used to dogs