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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Whose a clever Boy then?


Jax is now 17 months old and has put on a bit of weight they are supposed to fatten out from now to 2 years. We gave him a chew the other day and he ran outside and dropped it in his water bowl cam in and had a rest then went out to get it. He has worked out for himself that putting it in water softens it. He worked out to bark to be let out and bark to come back in. If we dont let him in then hes worked out to come around to the living room window jump up at the window and bark if we dont here him at the back door.

He get crafty as well to get him in from the garden at night as he likes to sleep out side until bed time we give him a treat for coming in. He then trys to run out once hes eaten it so he can have another one for coming in the second time.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Jax Stupid positions


Jax get in the most stupid positions at times when its time for a walk he dives on the settee up side down


He then hangs off the end and often falls off in the excitement


Jumping on the back so he can look out of the window is another trick of his if you happen to be on the chair at the time he doesnt care



Its then playing hide and seek I see you as he trys to paw you