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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Last baby tooth gone hurray


This week Jax lost his last baby tooth so no more cuts to the hand. His new teeth are not full through yet and he is still a bit moody at time and chewing but touch wood we have not had any damage to furniture or anything this is down to lots of bones and toys to chew.


We had trouble with him were on walks he would lie down and not get up but he seems to have got over that if he does stop and lie down he get up straight away. He still lies down when he sees another dog but its not a bad way to great them as it shows he is submissive and friendly. The weather has been getting colder down to freezing and he loves it he is a lot more active but still loves to go and sleep outside at night but thank god he now comes in for a biscuit so I don't have to carry him in as I did before he is to heavy for that now. The next big test is Fireworks at the moment if he hears them he doesn't give a toss so lets hope it stays that way 


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