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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Jax Now 3 years old


Jax is now 3 years old and still a baby in many ways. He has a trick here were he jumps up to the settee knocks the pillow off and then makes him self at home. We are still having problems with Staffies as he has been attacked several times by these types of dog so now we have to take care if he sees one he will kick off big style and he is a big dog to hold back when he is trying to have a go. If he gets any sort of pull hes away have a 6inch loose lead and thats all he needs to get power going.

The owners of these dogs are mad at xmas I had Jax on the lead crossed the road in West St at night and a staffie came out of a house and attacked him knocked us into the road were a bmw hit me not hard they called the police as they saw what happened so there were 5 witness. The staffy owners said it was my fault the officer said we have 5 witness who saw the man with his dog on the lead when yours was running loose and attacked how can it be the mans fault?

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